Searching a Data Extension in Salesforce Marketing Cloud with a Non Primary Key Value

Contact Builder has a search functionality that lets you find records matching your search criteria. However, this is limited to fields which have been set as Primary Key only. This begs the question…

What if you needed to search a data extension but only have data or a value that is not for the DE’s Primary Key?

Option 2 — Use Query Studio (download from the app exchange) to write a basic query to return the Primary Key value of the corresponding record that you want to search. Then, take the Primary Key value and use this in the Contact Builder interface to search the data extension.

Query Studio results display on screen, eliminating the need to create a data extension prior to execution.

This trick can be super handy when used in conjunction with Sync DEs from CRM. Have a FirstName but need the ContactID? Have a Loyalty_Card_Number but need AccountID? Query Studio can be a quick time saver.

Let me know in the comments if you’ve tried this workflow!

I am a certified Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consultant at Bower House Digital in Melbourne, Australia.

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